10. nov. 2012

Icon of Mary - Ready to go

Feels like I have been painting on this icon (70 x 80 cm)  for ages - but I know it has only been some weeks.
This icon is painted in tempera mixed with the special glue Theodoros gave me. And I have used an easel for the first time.  A new experience for me.
Slowly, slowly, step by step - she has come forth.
In a way - I do not want to let her go. This has to do with attachment. I still feel attached to this icon.  I really love it!! As if I cannot have enough of it...

This is how it is in my life.  Many other things I seem to want, and cannot have enough of.
Food for example, and wine...  and admiration!
Well this is how it is, I  forgive myself for feeling this way.  I observe - this is how it is and I do not judge myself for it.  I show it to the Holy Spirit - (and now to you) and it will be taken care of. No worry.  Acceptance.

But I really, really love this painting of mine, and everything Mary tells me! :))

She will be here - even if I let the painting go.  I know.

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