27. nov. 2012

5th day of the fast-detox

Woke up feeling so well this morning! 7oclock detox, and then I took my coffe-enema at 7.30.No wonder I have had a tough time - considering my socalled eliminations....
Meditation started at 8 oclock, great way to start the day.  After that there was yoga class, but I left after 6 rounds of Sun salutation, still a bit too much for me - all considering. It is important to know when to say STOP!

So I went for a swim instead, the sun is shining from a little bit hazy sky today, good for my skin that it is not a totally clear sky.

Today I will be like an empty vessel, receiving the love and thoughts  that Spirit gives me., and pouring the same love out...

Cleaning  out for advent - coming of the Christ.  Cleaning out the vessel and the mind.

This day

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