Viser opslag med etiketten peace of God.. Vis alle opslag
Viser opslag med etiketten peace of God.. Vis alle opslag

6. jul. 2012

From darkness to light...

The day started with talks about iconpainting - especially in Scandinavia.  It would be such a delight to have Theodore come to Scandinavia! And the best thing about this - is that he is not unwilling to do that.  So now I will have to start making some connections... What a joy!

Today, after we finished the garment of blue and beige colours, Theodore decided we should paint the Book...  Seems so easy, just a book - a little darker in the middle, fading lighter towards the edges.
Now I am beginning to learn - alert when Theodore says something is easy...

With this book, we start with a proplasmos, and make it a bit darker in the middle.  Fading is softly out to the edges. Seems easy!  Theodore tells me I am working too fast.  I thought he meant the strokes were too fast, so moved the brush more slowly.  But he still said I was moving too fast...
Finally I understood - I was moving too fast from the darkness to the light!
I have to move slowly from the dark to the light...

Hm  Reminds me of my life, I have to be patient.  I want the light, I want it now.... but I must move slowly - step by step.  It says so in a Course oin Miracles, every step can only be taken when I am prepared to do it,.
Like my brush - I cannot go further until the work is done where the brush is - not moving too fast forward.
When I learn to be patient, finishing each step before I go on, I will succed.

Dear God, thank you for this blessed day.