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Viser opslag med etiketten Gorgeous for God. Vis alle opslag

28. okt. 2011

Watch me - by Lisa Natoli

Somewhere along the way in my life, I had to make a conscious deliberate decision to let sadness, guilt, depression, confusion, doubt and negativity go – and do what Jesus is asking – be the light.
I’m not the light of the world while I’m being dark.
Jesus says: “put your toys away.” -A Course in Miracles

A lot of people think emotions are real (they’re not! they’re toys!) and that you have to pay attention to them (you don’t! put them away!)
I used to believe in the lie of “process of transformation” and “I’m not there yet but I’m working on it” and those are just my own delay tactics I employ to keep myself small and in the dark, in victim mode.
Somewhere, I said THAT’S ENOUGH OF THAT NONSENSE. Enough with depression. Enough with sadness. Those are child’s games. Enough with complaining and negativity. Enough with doubt. I am responsible to Jesus and he’s counting on me. I’m not powerless. Emotions cannot rule me and they cannot rule my life, and they don’t.
Emotions can’t determine how I feel.
I choose & determine how I feel, and I am determined to praise God and be happy, living in appreciation and gratitude.
This is available to everyone. There is no need to suffer or be sad, none.
On David Hawkins scale  you decide what your bottom is, how low do you go?  Mine is 540 – Joy. It’s as low as I go.
You can make decisions like this. You can say, “I’m done with complaining and negativity and guilt and conflict. Joy and appreciation are how I choose to live my life now.”
And when people say it can’t be done, turn around say “WATCH ME.”

These are Lisa's words on her blog.  They could just as well be mine.

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