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Viser opslag med etiketten icon. Vis alle opslag

24. jun. 2011

Just an ordinary friday..

A couple of days ago I received the linden icon boards I have been waiting for.  They came all the way from Serbia to me.  Absolutely beautifully made by Miroslav.  I am so grateful for these boards.
It is not possible for me to make them myself, the ones I make are of MDF (pressed wood) and has no "deepening" in the middle.  These are just the right thing.  But of course -impossible to find here in Denmark...
It was just like Christmas, birthday and 17th of May - all at the same time!
So today I started painting a new icon of  Christ.  Most of the day I have been painting - here is the result:

I am  satisfied - but I still have difficulties in lightening the red colour without it looking like tomato soup..
So I decided the lightening to be a light blue, and I think it will turn out just fine.

Needed some fresh air and have now spent  some time in the garden , thinning out in the loads of apples on one tree, enjoying the smell of the jasmin, and everything else around me.

 Too windy today to take a swim - but the sun is shining and I am satisfied with everything.

I chose peace today - and I got it...