12. dec. 2011

The Eye of the I - David R. Hawkins

"The eye of the I  is a brilliant work that dissolves the barriers between the known and the unknown, between science and spirituality, and between the Newtonian linear paradigm of the ego "
The book :"The  eye of the I"  is written by  David R. Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D.

What if there is a method to test Truth? A method you and I can use - and which requires nothing else than a muscle?
What if every feeling, human being, animal, tree - in short everything in the world had a frequency - and we are able to check that frequency?
David Hawkins asserts that in his book.
 He claims to have  calibrated every feeling on a level from 0 to 1000.  0 being shame and 1000 being enlightenment.
"All that ever is or was, without exception, radiates forth a frequency and a vibration as a permanent imprint in the impersonal field of consciousness and can be retreived by this test through conscioussness itself."
Anything that calibrates below level 200 is negative. and when you cross level 600 this indicates the crossing over from the perceptual world of duality to the nonperceptual world of nonduality.
 He has calibrated the muscle test and response itself, it calibrates at 600.
  This means that its true nature cannot really be comprehended by most people, although everyone can learn to use it in a practical manner .
The author holds that 78% of the world's population calibrates below the level of Integrity at 200.  The consiouseness level for mankind as a whole is now 207 - it took a jump in 1986 from 190  and crossed the critical line of 200 and on to its current level of 207.
Only 4 % of the worlds population ever reaches the level of Love of 500, and only 0.4 percent reaches the level of 540 or Unconditional love.   One in 10 million reaches the level of 600 (from duality to nonduality), where identification with the physical body ceases and thus, the great fear above all fears, death itself, disappears as a possible "reality".  

Interesting reading ..Gospel of Thomes he calibrates at 660, A Course in Miracles (workbook) at 600, Bhagavad Ghita 910, Upanishads 970, Zen 850.  As a keen reader of ACIM this is a bit surprising!He sayscommitment to Enlightenment now becomes like a magnet pulling one towards it, and the rate of evolution is up to the individual's willingness to surrender resistances.  Enlightenment is not a condition to be obtained, it is merely a certainty to be surrendered to, for the Self is already one's Reality.  It is the Self that is attracting one to spiritual information".

I like that.I will write more - as I read on....

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