13. dec. 2014

Wisdom from Mother Mary

Hvor er jeg taknemlig over at få denne besked i dag:

Relating to difficul t feelings in a way that does not aggravate them or cause them to be a problem in your life is a skill that must be learned. It takes some effort to become conscious of your thoughts and feelings. 
Most people are not aware of what they are thinking and feeling, nor do they realize that they have a choice about how they will respond to their thoughts and feelings. Most people react to their thoughts and feelings without realizing that there is another way to relate to them that is likely to be less problematic. This lack of awareness causes people to be victims of their own humanness, of the thoughts they were given. The human condition is a state of suffering for the simple reason that people don’t naturally question their thoughts and feelings. 

They assume that their thoughts are valid, and they assume that their thoughts are their thoughts. These are mistaken assumptions that lead to so much pain. These assumptions are at the root of human suffering. So again, what if your thoughts and feelings were not yours? They are what give you the experience of being a human being, while you are actually much more than a human being: You are a spiritual being. So when I say that your thoughts and feelings are not yours, I mean that they have nothing to do with the spiritual being that you are and everything to do with the human being that you actually are not. 

There is nothing wrong with being a human being, of course, except that identifying with what makes you human— your thoughts and feelings— means that you will suffer. There is a time in your evolution when suffering is meant to be the driving force. Suffering carries evolution forward. And there comes a time when suffering is no longer necessary and the evolutionary lesson is how not to suffer within the human condition, because this is possible. You could say that how not to suffer while being human is the last lesson before graduating to a more divine state. 

Many are ready to learn how to do this, and many are teaching this, because humanity is reaching a critical point in its evolution, where human beings must learn to live in greater harmony and peace. Suffering is caused by the resistance, sense of lack, and false beliefs of the egoic mind. Attaining peace and happiness is largely a matter of moving beyond such thoughts and beliefs. You move beyond them simply by not believing them. The pain that results from believing such thoughts drives the discovery of this truth. You eventually see that these thoughts are not true and not helpful, that they have betrayed and misled you. What is it that is capable of seeing this great truth? You are! 

When you connect with your divine nature, you feel wise, peaceful, and loving. When you believe your thoughts, you feel lacking, fearful, and unloving and you lose touch with the truth about yourself and about life. Your thoughts create a sense of being someone who struggles with life. Without these thoughts, you are free to experience life as the beautiful and joy- filled gift that it is.

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