17. dec. 2014

Meet me here - poem by Adyashanti

                   I am going... with an open mind - the beginner's mind.

My teacher used to say, "Stay in beginner's mind. Never leave beginner's mind, because in beginner's mind, the possibilities are infinite. They're open. Anything can happen.
You're open to learn anything you need to learn. If your view of... something needs to change, you're open for it to change. No matter how deeply you have seen something, no matter how much you think you know something, stay in beginner's mind.

Don't get rigid. No matter how great a revelation you may have had, no matter how great an opening in the core and depth of your being, if you stay in innocence, in the mind that's very light, that never takes its ideas as truth, then there will be a much greater potential for your thoughts, as well as your communications with others, to be naturally inspired."


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