8. dec. 2014

Wisdom from Mother Mary

What do you really want?
Are you ready to declare that? Are you ready to give peace and love your attention? Are you ready to choose peace and love instead of some fleeting desire churned out by the ego? This may not seem like an important question, but it is extremely important, because it marks a turning point in one’s evolution, when it becomes possible to finally get what you really want.
Are you willing to turn away from, or at least not give so much importance to, your other desires? You might not be, and that’s fine too. But if you are ready, then declare your deepest desire. This is my third teaching. Declare that you want peace and love. Feel the depth and power of this desire and let it fuel your will to give peace and love your attention.
You and the spiritual forces that support your evolution will jointly brin g peace and love into your life when you declare that you want these things more than anything else.
Everyone’s evolution eventually comes to this: You realize that your deepest desire is for peace and love and you declare this in your heart. Then life conspires to bring you exactly that.
 Are you ready to know the truth about life and the truth about yourself— that you are what you desire most deeply? You are love and peace. Your life has always been about discovering this.
Source:  Ten Teachings for One World  - Wisdom from Mother Mary ~ Gina Lake

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