29. maj 2013

Unwind my brain - unwind me...

This is what my thoughts seem like - sometimes... sometimes more than other times.  Do you recognize this?

But it is possible to unwind it all... If I just start from one end, and very carefully observe, recognize and let go of all the thoughts  I have thought a hundred times before and thoughts about past and future...
Sounds easy?
Takes courage and willingness to letting them go. I do not judge the thoughts I think...
I decide  for this every morning.  I am not quite sure of how well I am doing. I cannot judge that either.  It does not matter.  I just decide and do it.

It is impossible that I will not succeed. I am the one who decide my thoughts.

I will succed.

That is my decision.

My prayer:

Dear Father
Today I give all my thoughts to you.  
I do not need any of mine.
Thank you for a successful outcome in the end.
I do not have to worry about ANYTHING.


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