3. jul. 2012

One lucky me!!

Today Theodore has shown us how he paints a very dark garment lightened in red colours.  This is an amazing process to watch. (The above is my first feeble attempt)
The bottom layer is painted, the shadows are added in 3 different tones.  First from left to the right on the left side of this icon, gradually disappearing into  the bottom layer. Then a few of the explanatory lines are added, as well as dark shadows in the areas at the bottom of the icon and around the inside of the elbow,
Gradually, very gradually we work our way from darkness to light.
What can be seen above is with the very helpful hand of my teacher.  Tomorrow we will be adding the last 2 layers of the lightenings.
Most of the morning we were watching how Theodoros was working - it is so amazing to watch his hand dancing, working effortlessly to create this garment which almost invites you to put it on!
I am so very grateful to be here and be taught by one of the best iconpainters ever.... 


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