16. jul. 2012

The face of Christ

What could be more appropriate than to finish this course by painting the face of Christ...
I was very happy when Theodoros told us that this would be our final task.
So this day we have been painting the first layers of the face and hair,  the beard almost finished.  He is looking very mild.. and I like it a lot!
I am looking forward to finishing this before I leave---

Every monday morning there is a huge market here in Larissa, in the street just outside our window.  So I bought a few presents on my way and some greek mountain tea, and fruit to eat during the day.

It was a very hot day as usual, but maybe I am getting used to it? 
Tonight Theodoros and his wife will take us out (again), this being my final evening here in Larissa.  They are so very kind and helpful in all ways.

Anyway, tomorrow is my last day, I will take the train to Thessaloniki in the evening  at 21.00 to catch a very early flight (04.50) to Zurich and then Copenhagen.  That will not be too bad either...:))

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