11. jul. 2012

Marias new face II

Oh how much I enjoyed this day. Working with the eyes and mouth of Mary!! I like it so much.  We did not finish it all today, there is still some work to be done tomorrow.
So even if the heat today was extreme, I was content with it all. Went outside and poured half a litre of water down my back - it felt very refreshing.
Now, I will spend the rest of my day in my hotel room, toooo  hot outside.

I so much enjoy todays lesson in A Course in Miracles:  "Everything that happens to me are lessons God would have me learn".  I only have to remember one thing: there are no exceptions!

"Forgive, and you will see this differently." These are the words the Holy Spirit says to all my trials, my sufferings and my pain.
My answer: I will forgive, and this will disappear.

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