22. jan. 2012

Happiness IS a choice!

This is my plan:
Every day  I will  remember to make a choice - a choice for happiness and joy.

This is the truth. I can decide. I know it.  I have  made that choice - and it works for me.
I have to be willing to let it be so.  I does not come out of the blue.  I have to make a decision.
...sometimes I forget that I can decide!
I have to ask for help to always remember that joy and happiness is my natural state, together with peace and love.  It is one.
Every morning I ask God to help me remember my choice for joy, and that it is obtained by letting go of my judgements and attachment to fear.
Every morning I check on my willingness. Am I willing to let go of my worries about the future today?  Am I willing to let go of my thoughts about the past?  By letting past and future thoughts  go, I open up to joy and laughter.
I let the ego go and let God take the lead.
It sounds easy - and it is - when I remember.
So my first thought in the morning is God.  I have to remember God.   He helps me and reminds me of my decision for joy.


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