6. jan. 2012

Friend request from Jesus...

I got a friend request this morning - and I was so happy!  I seem to forget.  I know how much  I want to be His friend - but I tend to forget HE wants to be my friend too!

I have pushed the confirm button.  Now that friendship will last forever!


“A decision must be made, and it can be
made now. It is simply this: ‘I will begin.’
And what must we begin? We must try to
be kind now—not appear kind, but be
kind. We must make the effort, no, the
struggle, to be happy now—and not
first gain what we ‘need’ in order to be
happy. We can’t just add the concepts of
kindness and happinessto our life. They
must be our life.”

Hugh Prathner in
Morning Notes:
365 Meditations to Wake You Up

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Ilse sagde ...

Ser at vi som altid har fokus på noget af det samme ... blot kommer det til os på lidt forskellig måde eller ad tilsyneladende forskellige kanaler.