11. sep. 2011

What secrets do I try to keep?

I am perfect just the way I am.  I do not have to try to be better than I am - I am already perfect.   There is nothing about myself I need to hide.  I no longer have to be frigthened of not being good enough.
I accept  who I am - the innocent child of God, created perfect.

David Hoffmeister: ":We hide our divine Self by trying to be important or by being loved in a special way. We are constantly trying to improve and become a better self. This is exhausting and unnecessary. The ego fears loosing itself. We fear intimacy in relationships because we fear being swept away by glorious Love. Ultimately, this Love is experienced beyond the interpersonal context. We feel guilty and fearful of God. All our unconscious guilt comes because, deep down, we believe we've separated from God. The ego is the big, guilty secret. When we expose it, we are free of it."

Thank you David!


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