25. sep. 2011

Wash your own laundry - or retract your projection

On friday  I shifted gear.
 I have now been studying A Course in Miracles for approx.7 years - and I have done the best I can...
This week  I spent a couple of days with a very good friend of mine, also a Course student.  It was revealed to us that what we need do now is generalizing!  
Stop making any exceptions as to whom I judge, whom I "allow" to attack me without retaliation.
For me that is what has been the case.
I know that what I see  are my own projections.  My problem was that I refused to see ALL of them as my projections.
It is much easier like this - No exceptions!!  
My brothers show me what to foregive - and I will,with the help of Holy Spirit.  The moment I notice the slightest unease - I know I have chosen the wrong teacher.  Time to chose again.

NOW I will do this right.  No exceptions.

The first night after I came home I had this dream:
I found myself in the hallway of a neighbour's house.  I had my hands full of dirty laundry - going to wash it at her house.  She came towards me saying: "Is it not about time you wash your own laundry?" .  I knew she was right.  I took all my laundry and went home.

I will pack up and retract my projections and go home.

From NTI Colossians: 1,1.
Grace is within you.  All the love that is needed for the healing of your soul has been placed within the inner chamber of your Heart.


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Johan Horak sagde ...

This is amazing. The Holy Spirit works in many ways. Thanks for sharing.