23. maj 2011

Now, I will seek and find the peace of God.

Sometimes, some days, I feel alone. I cannot help the feeling that arises inside of me. It is just there - the feeling of being left here, all by myself.
I do not like that feeling. What can I do about it?
The Course says "..you need do nothing".. in this situation all I can do is to observe the feeling and let it be.
On this particular day I have in mind, I was working in the  garden. 
At this time of the year - the blue Clematis is flowering.  It has found its way up in a tree, it is absolutely beautiful, and so is the tree.
Today it reminded me of this:  This is how my relationship with God is. He can never leave me,  I can never leave Him.  It is impossible to tell where He ends  and I start.
We are totally intertwined - forever.

"I need but call on You to find the peace You gave me. "   ~ from ACIM lesson 230. 

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