19. feb. 2012

I am sustained by the Love of God

I had planned the background of my new icon to be dark blue - but that was all wrong... Had to wash it all off and then I made this light blue, which suits Her much better. I thought I should put gold on the frame... but I will decide that later.  Better sleep on it.
People often ask me if I ever get tired of painting Mary with the Child.  And the answer is always the same: NO!!   I have been painting for about 8 years now... When I think of it - actually it is a bit strange or?
The thing is - this icon reminds me of the love of God - which is there for me - at all hours - in abundance - in eternity.  It reminds me that I am being taken care of - in the best possible way, and so it reminds me - I have nothing to fear!
That is a blessing!  It is actually just another way of saying: I am sustained by the Love of God. Lesson 50 in A Course in Miracles.
So this is lesson 50  (today's lesson!) in the Course - in painting.  Simple as that.  And that is the lesson I repeat again and again - every time I paint Mary with the Child.
A great way to learn and get it totally implemented - and under  my skin.  And it stays there - FOREVER.

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