27. feb. 2011

12 reasons why I did not believe in God...

1. Because I thought he was not there when I was a child.

2. A story too good to be true.

3. I thought t those who believed in God were hypocrites - they  were better 
    than others.
4. Could not decide which way to God was better.

5. I used to believe in God for a while, but then I forgot about him.

6. Often, I believed in God only at Christmas time.

7. None of my friends believed in God.

8. I am not good enough anyway…
9. I had no time for God.
10. How could there be a God in a world as cruel as this?

11. How could He ever hear my prayers?

12. I thought I would start to believe in God when I became older and needed him.               

Take a close look at no. 12. That is what happened to me, and He was there.


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